App using in Gecko


** Preface:

For access token config for Instagram section, please help me check this article

General Settings:

    • Show title: Tick on option to show title.

    • Title: Enter title for instagram here.

    • Sub Title: Enter sub title for instagram here.

    • Style Title: Select style to show for title.

    • Username Instagram: Enter user name for instagram.

    • Number of photos: Enter number image will show per page.

    • Open link in: Select type show when open link.

    • Design: Select style ‘ Grid’ or “Slider’ for instagram.

    • Photos per row: Select number of image to show per row.

    • Add spaces between photos?: Tick on option to add spaces between photo.

    • Rounded corners for images?: Tick on option make rounded corners for images.

Settings Slider:

  • Autoplay Speed in milliseconds: Set speed autoplay for carousel layout.

  • The Options: Tick on option to use auto play, arrows, pagination control & loop sliding.

  • Slides To Show: Set number instagram to show per page.

  • Breakpoint: Set number instagram to show on small screen.

Design Options:

  • Margin: Enter value for margin (top-right-bottom-left).

  • Padding: Enter value for padding (top-right-bottom-left).