App using in Gecko

Product Countdown

** Preface:

  • Image size product: Select size to show images.

  • Use container?: Tick on option to use container.

  • Margin: Enter value for margin (top-right-bottom-left).

  • Padding: Enter value for padding (top-right-bottom-left).

  • Image: Select image from product countdown.

  • Link to: Enter link for product countdown.

  • Hover effect: Choose effect will show when hover.There are 3 types

+ Zoom image : image will be show bigger

+ Borded:

+ Zoom image dark:

  • Text vertical align: Set position to show text vertical.

  • Text horizontal align: Set position to show text horizontal.

  • Text: Enter text to show on product countdown.

  • Font size: Enter font size for text.

  • Line height: Enter line height for text.

  • Select color: Set color for text.

  • Margin bottom: Enter margin bottom for text.

  • Product: Select product will show on this section.

  • Show product vendors: Tick on option to show product vendors.

  • Use sale countdown: Tick on option to show countdown.

  • Color: Set color for these sections: Product Title, Vendor, Price, Sale Price.


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Hope you success!!