App using in Gecko

Filter sidebar config

Pre-step :

Sections -> Collections sidebar

There are 2 type of Filter : Filter by tags and Filter Groups

Type 1: Filter by Tags

Admin -> Go to Product Settings -> Add tags for product

Step 1: Config on Product settings

Add the tags variant to Tags box

Step 2: Config on Customize

The go to Collection pages -> Sections -> Filter Sidebar -> Add the the same tag as this:

Note: You need to disable "Use auto filter groups?"

Type 2: Keyword/Auto filter

Step 1: Config on Product settings

Admin> Go to Product Settings> Add tags for product.

+ Then config as this syntax: "Keyword + the name of tag"

Step 2: Config on Customize

You need to enable "Use auto filter groups?"

Custom Color variant

As you can see, the colors icon is all white. Because I’ve just created custom tags which are unlisted. If you don’t create some new color, you don’t need to add them. So you can add color for this icon by

Switch to Section tab ->> Select Custom Color Variant