App using in Gecko

Product Tab Description


Go to Product Page -> Section -> Tab Description


+ You can make the Tab auto-open or close by enabling/disable “Enable auto open in Product Tab Accordions?” option

This is the guiding config product tab description:


It gets auto the content which config on the description of the product setting



+ You can check this link to know more detail: Guiding show review

  • Note: The “Show number count Reviews” option just has shown with the review app which supported showing counter review. With the app that does not support this feature, please skip it.

Additional Information

+ It gets auto the information from the variant of the product. So you can not change it.


Shipping Information

+ You can go to Product Page -> Scroll down to Shipping Tab -> Config for it


Custom HTML

You can add the HTML code to there:



+ Add the text you want (This option do not support the HTML code)


You can check this link to know more detail

On the theme, it cannot show the countdown on Collection. However, you can use this app to do it: Metafield Guru

+ After install the app, go to App and config for it.

+ Choose the “Product & Variants

+ Then choose the Product

+ You can set up for all the variants or one of them

Custom Tab

  • Key: Custom Tab (You can write it as your mind)

  • Namespace: additions

  • Value type: String

  • Paragraph: Write the content

Then, go to Product Page -> Sections -> Tab Description

+ Click to “Add content” -> Choose “metafield” option

+ Write the “Heading” as the same “Key” on Metafield