App using in Gecko

Tab Descriptions

Pre-step :

Go to Product Page -> Sections -> Tab Description

+ Click to “Content” & choose the section you want


+ It gets the content from the Description on Product setting

Additional Information

+ It gets auto the content from the variant of the product


+ You can choose the review apps on Theme settings:

Shipping Tab

+ Go to Product Page -> Shipping Tab -> Setup for it:

Custom Tab

You can use the Metafield Guru app for it

+ After install app, go to App and config for it.

+ Choose the “Product & Variants”

+ Then choose the Product

+ You can set up for all the variants or one of them

Custom Tab: Add content as this syntax:

  • Key: Custom Tab (You can write it as your mind)

  • Namespace: additions

  • Value type: String

  • Paragraph: Write the content

Then, go to Product Page -> Sections -> Tab Description

+ Click to “Add content” -> Choose “metafield” option

+ Write the “Heading” as the same “Key” on Metafield


Thank for reading!