App using in Gecko

Blog Pages


Go to Theme Settings > Select Blog Pages section.

1 - BLOG :

1.1 - Blog Slider

  • How many articles do you want to show? (integer): The number of articles showed when show slider.

  • Autoplay Speed in milliseconds: Time to move to articles other

  • Slides To Show: The number of articles to be shown on a slider

  • Autoplay: The slider will autoplay when enabling this option

  • Use arrows: Display the next/previous arrows button

  • Design image:

You can set the image show the same height when enabling "Use equal height images?" option

1.2 - Blog Layout

  • Number of articles per page ( integer ):

  • Layout: There is 2 style layout:

+ Masonry layout:

+ Grid layout

  • posts per row: the number blogs post which shows on per row

  • Design image: When enabling "Use equal height images?", it'll set all the image show the same height

1.3 - Blog Sidebar

1.3.1 - Blog sidebar Layout setting

1.4 - Config sidebar

In the website, Go to Blogs

In setting, Go to Section > Blog sidebar

2 - Categories

Note: The categories only show with the menu have the link is the blog

3 - Instagram


You can go this link to know how to get the Access Token:

4 - Blog Tag

It'll show all the tags which added on the tag of the Blog post in Admin:

5 - Recently Viewed Products

6 - Sales product

7 - Recent product


2.1 - Page heading background


2.2 - Articles

+ Share

+ Follow


You can check this guiding to know how to add Shortcode: guiding