App using in Gecko


Go to Theme Settings > Select General section.


1.1 - Google Maps API key (required)

You’ll need to register a Google Maps API Key to display the map

1.2 - Import demo

Will work in admin panel.

1.3 - Use RTL (Right to Left)


1.4 - Show additional checkout buttons

1.5 - Show scroll back to top

Use this button when you wanna go to top page by quickly.

2 - Email marketing settings

2.1 - Platform Email Marketing

Go to this link Omisend app to install

Go to this link klaviyo app to install

Go to this link Mail chimp to install

3 - Preloader

A preloader is a usually simple animation which shows up when your website is loading. It can be extremely helpful when a website is complex and its loading time takes a few seconds. So, to keep your visitors interested and to prevent them from getting frustrated with waiting, you should use a preloader.

  • Preloader color: You can set color for loading animation

4 - Catalog mode

4.1 - Catalog mode

You can hide all 'Add to cart' buttons, cart widget, cart pages. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.

4.2 - Catalog popup

You can use this section for informing the working time of your store.

5 - Product item settings

5.1 - Wishlist

You can easily add the desired category of products to this theme by installing our free Nitro Wishlist app.

5.2 - Quick view

Icon Quick view
Popup Quick view

5.3 - Image second


6 - Quick shop settings

6.1 - Swatch design setting

6.2 - Swatch color setting for Design

7 - Product color homepage settings

7.1 - Swatch color

7.2 - Swatch image

7.3 - Swatch size


7.4 - Swatch style


8 - Label settings

8.1 - Label shape


8.2 - Sale label style

Text label
Percentage label

8.3 - Name label (sale, hot, new, sold out)

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