App using in Gecko

Video tutorial

Here is our video tutorial to help you the to use Gecko theme

Go to this link to know clearly more : Gecko – Clean, Minimal, Responsive Shopify theme

I. Install theme

1.How to install theme

2.One click import data

3.Config Currency

4.Config Wishlist

5. Update theme

6. How to update theme from the old version to 2.0 ?

II. Theme settings

1.General Layout

2. General

2.1 Shop Settings

2.2 Catalog mode

2.3. Product Item Settings

2.4 Quick Shop

2.5 Config products color/image variant on product grid (home and collection)

3.Suggest Product

III. Config page

1.Create About page

2.Create Contact Page:

3.Create Faqs page

IV. Product Settings

1.Product Video

2.Recently viewed config

3.Upsell stock countdown

4. Custom Tab by Metafield

5. Adding video by using Metafield Guru app

V. Config menu

1.How to create a new menu item

2.Sub Mega Menu Product

3.Sub Mega Simple

4.Mega Collection Banner

5.Sub Menu Dropdown

6.Mega Shipping Banner

7.HTML Block

8.Menu Item No Children

VI. Filter Config

1.Config filter by tag in Collection page